These 14 Nostalgic Easter Eggs in ‘Jurassic World’ Paid Homage to the Original Classic

Part of what led to a Jurassic Park record-breaking $204.6 million domestic opening was the simple truth that it was an excellent movie. There’s no denying that it stood up on its own – but obviously another key element was the nostalgia of the movies that preceded it. The franchise. The fact that the film carried with it an established product and brand.

The film didn’t shy away from throwing in the occasional wink-and-nod Easter egg to remind us of the past movies, either. I thought it was important for this film to pay its respects to the older movies and let the audience experience that “oh yeah!” feeling time and time again throughout their viewing.

So, while those reminders didn’t make the movie great, they were much appreciated. Here are 13 Easter eggs from the film:

1. Lowery’s T-Shirt

Most famous from New Girl, Jake Johnson was a great comic relief in the film, and he came through with the geeky awesomeness necessary for the role. He had a conversation with Claire about whether or not the Jurassic Park shirt he was wearing was in poor taste. He agreed that it was since people died, but said he still wanted to wear it.

2. T-Rex back on top after Spinosaurus debacle from Jurassic Park III

The T-Rex officially came back into Ultimate Badass™ levels of superiority in the dinosaur kingdom in Jurassic World, and there’s even a scene of the T-Rex getting unleashed from its pen, and you may have noticed there were some Spinosaurus bones that she’d been nibbling on. It was more subtle than some of these other references, but still important.

3. Night Vision Goggles

The same goggles from Jurassic Park, when those kids are about to encounter a T-Rex, still exist in the new film. Gray picked them up and looked at them after seeing them in the garage full of old Jurassic Park equipment.

4. Spared no expense

John Hammond’s famous line that exhibited the arrogance and naiveté of humans toying with things they probably shouldn’t have been, “spared no expense” was used throughout the original films. While flying Claire around in the helicopter, Masrani used the famous line as an homage to Hammond and the original extravagant park.

5. 10,000 volts

The young character Tim was shocked by 10,000 volts in the first movie, and that fence still exists. The group in Jurassic Park had to climb it in order to escape death-by-dino. There was only a glimpse of it in the new film, but it was there, overrun with trees and weeds. Still at 10,000 volts – no more, no less. Cool tribute.

6. The banner from the original lobby

I love how the human-dinosaur interaction is such a dangerous thing, and the fact that we felt we could contain them is toyed with throughout the franchise. The original sign “When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth” is definitely an homage to the past films – but, it’s also so important since it suggest that they no longer do. It also makes it seem like humans can contain dinosaurs, when clearly we cannot.

7. Cute little Mr. DNA is back!

Mr. DNA was a fan-favorite from the original movie, who explained how John Hammond and the scientists who manipulated the dino DNA were able to do so. When Gray is running around to all the touch screens, he comes across Mr. DNA. The original voice actor for Mr. DNA (above) was Greg Burson, who passed away since recording. Vocal effects were applied to Colin Trevorrow’s (the new voice actor) voice to make it sounds like the original.

8. Even the gates paid homage

The gates were designed after the original, and definitely ended up looking a lot cooler. The trailer actually used a different shot than the actual film, but that was just to get us amped. And clearly the marketing strategy worked since the film went bananas opening weekend.

9. John Hammond statue

It wouldn’t at all feel right if the movie went on without mentioning the classic creator of Jurassic Park, John Hammond. We mentioned him before, along with the “spare no expense” line, but there was also this statue erected of the man that acted as a reminder as well.

10. So you guys dig up dinosaurs?

After the opening Raptor attack scene in Jurassic park, there is a close-up scene of Alan and Ellie’s team digging up dinosaurs in the Badlands of Montana, “Near Snakewater.” There’s a scene in the visitor’s center where a little girl is brushing dirt off of dinosaur bones in an interactive area. The shot is a re-creation of the original sequence.

11. Dr. Henry Wu

Dr. Henry Wu (played by B.D. Wong) was the only character from Jurassic Parkto return to this movie. He kind of turned into a dick, though.

12. The Jeep from the original

Zach and Gray stumble upon some artifacts from the original park, one of which is one of the Jeep Wranglers. It still has the same “029” from above, which drove some of the park’s first attendants (who are super brave, by the way) to see the Brachiosaurus.

13. Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville

Simply put, “It’s five o-clock somewhere.” This isn’t really an Easter egg from Jurassic Park, but it deserves to be mentioned because of how awesome it is that they included a Margaritaville in the Jurassic World park.

14. ‘God Creates Dinosaurs’ by Dr. Ian Malcolm

You may have noticed that a guy is seen reading Dr. Ian Malcolm’s book on the tram, and later we see it on the desk.

If for some reason, you read this without having seen the movie, go see the movie! If you already saw it, see it again! It’s awesome.