While speaking at his spotlight panel during Special Edition: NYC, longtime Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis let slip that Spider-Manwill be appearing in “Captain America: Civil War,” adding an “allegedly” after the fact.

While discussing bringing Spider-Man into the “New Avengers” launch back in 2005, Bendis said there was much debate during a Marvel retreat amongst the writers, with many adamant that Spider-Man was not an Avenger.

“The same thing happened when they heard Spider-Man is going to be in [‘Captain America: Civil War’] the movie,” Bendis said, then looked over to panel host Ryan Penagos, who shook his head in ignorance, not confirming anything or adding any info.

“Allegedly,” Bendis added. “Or he’s going to be in ‘Batman v Superman.'”

Spider-Man has been widely suspected to appear in 2016’s “Captain America: Civil War” — in what would be the character’s Marvel Cinematic Universe debut — though it has not yet been officially confirmed by Marvel Studios. Along with his comic book work for Marvel, Bendis is a member of the Marvel Studios creative committee.

Spider-Man’s ability to appear in a Marvel Studios film came after a joint agreement between Marvel and Sony Pictures. A new solo Spider-Man film is currently in the works as well that ties the two universes together and sees a much younger Spider-Man that still attends high school.

Currently word has actor Asa Butterfield at the top of the list to portray Peter Parker in the upcoming film.

“Captain America: Civil War” is currently slated for a May 6, 2016 with the solo Spider-Man film following on July 28. 2017.

(CBR Assistant Editor Brett White contributed to this article.)