This Super Detailed Lego Millennium Falcon Is Jaw Dropping

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 5.28.53 PM

This 10,000 LEGO brick model Millennium Falcon may not be the fastest spacecraft in the galaxy, but it’s definitely the most awe-inspiring.Assembled by LEGO builders Titan Creations, this model gives an inside peak into Han Solo’s main ride. Showing every gear, pipe, wire, and well—whatever is takes to get The Millennium Falcon of the ground, this painstakingly-made replica spans truly is a true sight to behold. And with the set clocking in at a gargantuan 3’7” by 3’ 3” with 24 built-in lights, it’s no wonder that it took the creators two months to complete. Heck, we bet it would take Yoda himself at least a week to construct.

You can see more photos below, and on Titans’ Facebook page.

Should J.J. Abrams run over budget on Episode VII in the CGI-production phase, might we suggest an alternative?