Marty McFly is homophobic in Back to the Future deleted scene

Back to the Future
This particular deleted scene from Back to the Future has been online for a while, but it has been catching up steam recently, and it’s definitely an eye opener.The scene has Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly asking Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown for advice. Marty uses slang that we know, but during the past the people of the ’50s might now know about it. It gets awkward when Marty talks about whether he has to hit on her mom and being afraid he might turn gay. Movies were able to get away with a lot of things back then, since our society wasn’t as sensitive.“I can’t believe I’m going to feel up my own mother,” Marty tells Doc.

And then we have this homophobic question.

“What if I go back to the future and end up being gay?” asks Marty

Doc replies, “Why shouldn’t you be happy!?”

Well, it’s a good thing the scene got cut, since having a homophobic scene like that might have kept this film from being timeless.