Harrison Ford Crashed a Small Plane . . . He Will Not D

HARRISON FORD crashed a small plane on a golf course in Los Angeles yesterday, and was hospitalized in ‘fair to moderate condition.’  Basically he suffered some cuts to his head

It was a vintage two-seat World War Two-era training plane, and he was the only one on board.  (So yeah, he was was flying ‘Han’ solo.  HI-YO!  Come on, we had to.) He took off from the Santa Monica Airport, but reported engine trouble almost as soon as he left.  So he requested an immediate return to the airport, and was on his way back when he crashed. The plane went down over the Penmar Golf Course . . . hit a tree . . . and landed on one of the greens with one of the wings touching the ground. An employee helped put a blanket under him, and says there was blood all over his face.  Doctors go there pretty quickly, and the fire department said he was alert and conscious when they took him to the hospital.


TMZ posted video of paramedics treating Ford, along with audio of him talking to air traffic controllers.