One of the Towns from “The Walking Dead” Is Being Sold on eBay

One of the towns featured in “The Walking Dead” is for sale on eBay.  It’s Grantville, Georgia . . . and it was the setting of a Season Three episode titled “Clear,” where Rick, Carl, and Michonne meet up again with Morgan, who had lost his son and gone crazy. In real life, it’s pretty much a ghost town . . . and the only real industry there is “Walking Dead” tours.  Several other movies are reportedly renting it out, although the only one that’s listed is another upcoming sequel of “The Ring”. Anyway, now you can own it . . . for just $680,000.  That gets you a significant portion of the “downtown”, including nine buildings of residential and commercial space, totaling about 34,000 square feet. Former mayor Jim Sells is the one selling it, after he bought the properties out of foreclosure during the recession.  He’s done some renovations . . . and says, quote, “The hard work has been done.  We’re looking for somebody to put it all into action.” For what it’s worth, Grantville is located about 40 miles southwest of Atlanta, and according to the 2010 census, it has a population of 3,041.